Research Development Grants 2021

Request for Proposals

  • Funding available: $150,000; Estimated number of awards: 4
  • Two grant categories:
    • Partnered (max $45,000)– Research Scientist/Faculty co-PIs from CICOES affiliated departments/units that include at least two PIs from at least two of the three CICOES Universities.
    • CICOES-UW (max $30,000)– Staff members who are a Research Scientist 3 or above. If you don't have Principal Investigator status, you need a letter of support from a CICOES PI and eligible UW-CICOES Postdoctoral Scholars (see below for eligibility criteria).
  • UAF-specific details:
    • F&A is not allowed.
    • Do not budget for Task I recovery.
    • One proposal per PI. Individuals can participate in other proposals as co-PIs.
  • Proposals due: December 6, 2021.  Please work with OPD on this submission.
  • Project selection notification:  January 7, 2022
  • Project Period:  Mar. 1, 2022 – Feb. 28, 2023

Program scope

The CICOES Research Development Grant program is intended to stimulate new research efforts among members of the CICOES community. Funding is provided for new, currently unfunded, or a significant extension of existing but unfunded research that is encompassed by at least one of the nine CICOES research themes.

Collaboration with researchers in other UW units, CICOES partner Universities, and/or NOAA scientists is encouraged. The partnered grant category requires a minimum of two PIs from at least two of the three CICOES Universities. The CICOES-UW category includes CICOES Research Scientists and eligible Postdoctoral Scholars (see below for eligibility criteria).

CICOES Research Development Grant funds are primarily targeted for salary and fringe benefit costs. With justification (e.g. RFP announcement), a portion of awarded funds may be used to acquire proof-of-concept data or training that is combined with the collection of proof-of-concept data to support an external proposal.

A total of 4 proposals are expected to be funded. Funds for this program are not subject to indirect/overhead charges.

Content and format

Project proposals must include:

  1. a description of the proposed research that provides context within the field and relationship(s) to existing research;
  2. objectives;
  3. methods;
  4. a statement of proposed work including outcomes; and
  5. potential future funding (if appropriate).

Proposals are limited to a 3 page narrative (including figures and tables), and a maximum of 1 page each for references, budget and budget justification, CV, and current & pending support. UAF and OSU proposals will need sign-off from their host institution’s Office of Sponsored Programs before submission to UW.

Previous JISAO/CICOES Research Development Grant recipients are expected to include a maximum 1 page description of resulting products (e.g. proposals, papers, collaborations) from previous Research Development Grants.


Proposals will be evaluated by a panel with members from the three CICOES universities. Evaluation criteria include:

  • scientific merit,
  • expansion to new research areas,
  • inclusion of CICOES research themes,
  • institutional collaboration, and
  • potential/actual leverage of new funding.

Successful applicants are required to submit a final report describing outcomes, products, and next steps no later than three months after completion of the project. Successful applicants will be ineligible to compete for Research Development Grants the following year.

Direct questions to John Horne,

Postdoctoral Scholar Eligibility for CICOES Research Development Grant Program

Overall eligibility

To serve as a Principal Investigator (PI) on a CICOES Research Development Grant, applicants must meet their home institution’s criteria for PI eligibility. A letter of support for the project must be included from the primary mentor(s). Successful applicants must also complete a grants management course at the home institution prior to the project’s start date. See example grant management course

Eligibility of postdoctoral scholars at OSU and UAF

Postdoctoral Scholars must have current appointments that are ≥ 75% with a CICOES-affiliated department/college. Eligibility of Postdoctoral Scholars at UW: Postdoctoral Scholars must have current appointments that are ≥ 75% with CICOES (i.e. CICOES Task I and grant funded Postdocs), and the proposed project does not extend past the Postdoctoral Scholar’s appointment eligibility at the UW.