Postdoctoral Program

Supporting research fellows since 1977

Postdocs conduct their own research project, think broadly, and work with distinguished scientists.

The list of former postdocs is impressive and their current positions indicate the quality of scientists attracted to the program.

Program overview

  • All CICOES fellowship postdocs are appointed for one year with a second-year appointment assuming available funding and reasonable progress.
  • The appointment supports salary, moving expenses, and provides a modest research/travel budget.
  • The program wants to attract postdocs whose research interests align with at least one of the nine CICOES research themes. These research themes span atmospheric science, climate, fisheries science, and oceanography.
  • Each postdoc works with a mentor team composed of academic and NOAA mentors. The CICOES consortium consists of the University of Washington, University of Alaska Fairbanks, and Oregon State University.
  • Our NOAA partner laboratories include the Alaska Fisheries Science Center, the Northwest Fisheries Science Center, and the Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory.

For more information on the CICOES fellowship postdoc program, contact John Horne, CICOES Director, at

Postdoctoral mentors

CICOES is a NOAA sponsored Cooperative Institute that operates between the University of Washington and the NOAA Alaska Fishery Science Center (AFSC), the Marine Mammal Laboratory (MML), the NOAA Northwest Fishery Science Center (NWFSC), and the Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL).

When seeking a postdoc appointment at CICOES, you are strongly encouraged to provide a letter of support from:

  • a research scientist at AFSC, CICOES, MML, NWFSC, or PMEL, and/or
  • a University of Alaska faculty member in a relevant department.

Potential mentors and their research interests

These lists contain those interested in working with postdocs but is not inclusive; mentors not on these lists may be contacted as potential mentors.